Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., runs on the leadership from its brothers. Below is a list of brothers who served the Western Region as Directors:

1946-48 Hon. Bro. Clarence Muse*
1949-50 Bro. George Garner*
1950-53 Bro. Harvey Osborn*+
1953-55 Hon. Bro. H. A. Howard*
1955-57 Bro. Richard Hogg+
1957-58 Bro. Theodore H. Miller*
1958-60 Bro. Dr. Charles E. Spann*
1960-62 Bro. Clemmie V. Johnson*
1962-63 Bro. Charles, Martin*
1963-65 Bro. Odellb Johnson
1965-67 Bro. Harvey Osborn*
1967-70 Hon. Bro. Oscar M. Morgan*
1970-72 Bro. Samuel D. Hunt*
1972-73 Hon. Bro. William Perry*
1973-76 Bro. Richard Hogg+*
1976-78 Bro. Sherman Palmore*
1978-81 Hon. Bro. Dr. William Riley
1981-84 Hon. Bro. Dr. Anthony Essex
1984-85 Hon. Bro. Jeffery D. Whitmore
1985-87 Bro. Mike Brown
1987-88 Bro. Bruce Palmore, II
1988-90 Bro. James Tony Woods
1990-93 Bro. Darnell Cooley*
1993-95 Bro. Daryl Sweeney
1995-96 Bro. Dr. Bennie Harris
1996-99 Hon. Bro. Ron Carter
1999-02 Bro. Gregory Aarons
2002-004 Bro. Philip Hubbard III#
2004-08 Hon. Bro. Dr. Ernest Miller
2008-10 Bro. Raphael Forbes
2010-12 Bro. Dr. Charles Ranson
2012-16 Bro. Hon. Jeffrey F. Sneed
2016-Present Bro. Mark Armstrong

+Held Office Two Separate times
#Term Changed to Two Years++
18 Living Regional Directors