The basis of the Education program lies in the traditional emphasis that the Fraternity places on education. During the 1945 Conclave in St. Louis, Missouri, the Fraternity underwent a constitution restructuring which led to the birth of education as an international program. The program focuses on programming and services to alumni and collegiate in the Fraternity. Programs such as scholarships, lectures, college fairs, mentoring and tutoring enhance this program on local, regional and national levels.

The mission of the International Education Program is to empower our community and our membership by providing educational resources, advocating for educational equality, and forming strategic partnerships that develop our next generation of leaders.

The international program of education strengthens our membership by:

  • Developing education and career goals

  • Providing financial support/scholarships

  • Forming strategic partnerships with organizations that share our vision

  • Increasing graduation rates and number of Brothers seeking post-secondary degrees.

  • Promoting education as a way of success.

The international program of education transforms our communities by:

  • Providing educational tools, financial support to close the achievement gap between African American males and others

  • Conducting programs to introduce kids to college and mentoring to promote personal aspirations

  • Preparing students for graduation

  • Decreasing incarceration rates among African American males through education

  • Developing leadership and promoting education as a means of achieving success

Education Program How To Guides

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Adopt-A-School Memorandum of Understanding

STEAM Education

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