July 8, 2017 By Bro. Dr. Mike Baslee and PBSWest.org

The city and people of Detroit are hosting the Men of Sigma during their 2017 International Conclave. Our theme is: "A Family Reunion" and it's only right that we show Detroit that our family cares about its family. So our very own Regional Dir., of Social Action, Bro. Dr. Mike Baslee is asking brothers to come together to show support and care to some of the most vulnerable residents of the city.

We are collecting funds to create care packages for the homeless and those in need. These packages will include essential items that will hopefully make life a little easier in some way. Our initial goal is to make 300 of these "'Sigma Cares' Packages," but if we can do more thats even better! Please join the effort anf make a donation today!!! Whether its $3 for the Founders, $19.14, $ 103, or any other amount, all we ask is that you give from the heart.

All donations received between now and the start of our conclave will be taken to stores to buy some basic essentials and non-perishable foods. The brothers will then assemble their packages, and deliver the finished product to a local shelter and engage with some of the Detroit locals.

Brothers, if you are coming to Detroit, please join us and be a part of this great Social Action initiative. For those not coming show your love by making a donation of $19.14 and allow the Men of Sigma to leave a lasting impression on Detroit. This is what we do, this is who we are. We are more than a fraternity, we are the standard by which all others are measured.

Brothers please donate to this Social Action Initiative by click here. Help Sigma a blessing to someone less fortunate.