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Epsilon Epsilon Sigma Chapter have been looking to reactivate Kappa Lambda Chapter on the campus of the University of Washington - Seattle (UW) for some time and it was with great pleasure that they had six initiates probated on Friday, May 26th at the UW Intellectual House.

In what seemed like a sea of Blue & White, Sigmas, Zetas, Sigma Betas, and Archonettes) came out to support the return of the chapter of Kings and Legends to the University of Washington last Friday.

"It has been exciting to usher in this new beginning, and we were honored to have been able to do so with hundreds of friends and family in attendance from all across our region including 1st Vice Regional Director, Bro. Kedric Nalls.", said Julian Heyward, President of Epsilon Epsilon Sigma Chapter. "Not to mention special our guests four out of the eight Kappa Lambda Chapter charter members, “The Phoenix” also known as the “Elite 8”: Bro. Levi H. Christopher, Bro. Tim Collins, Bro.Dexter Hart, and Bro. Ray Livingston."

According to Heyward, Kappa Lambda Chapter has a legacy of excellence academically, socially, and within our community, and these young men are excited to uphold that tradition to the highest degree.

Spr '17 Kuanza Tena Kwa Wafalme = Resurgence of K.I.N.G.S.

#1 Bro. Joel Allen King Narmer ska Mercurial
Major: Communications 3.5 GPA
Accomplishments: Dean's List
Extracurriculars: Special council to R.E.T.R.O. and Civil Rights Passage Alumnus

#2 Bro. Yarid Mera King Menelik ska 2nd II None Major: Pre-Med 3.7 GPA
Accomplishments: Dean's List, Husky 100 Scholar
b Extracurriculars: Co-president of Minority Association of Prehealth Students (MAPS), Health Professions Academy (HPA), Undergraduate Researcher, Tutor at the Instructional Center.

#3 Bro. Kolawole Akinlosotu King Ooni of Ife ska Ether
Major: Communications: Technology and Mass Media 3.1 GPA
Accomplishments: Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity Ambassador and Milli Agency Intern
Extracurriculars: Vice-President of the Hip-Hop Student Union

#4 Bro. Devin Pegues King Mutato ska Trans4mer
Major: Electrical Engineering 3.25 GPA
Accomplishments: STARS Recipient
Extracurriculars: NSBE AND Vice President of UW Futsal

#5 Bro. Trayvon-Conrad Webster King Mansa Musa ska Royal Flush
Major: Education Administration 3.4 GPA
Extracurricular: Founder of the first African-American Leadership Conference in King County, Founder of Get Me to The Prom Foundation, Founder of Kent/Auburn Juneteenth Celebration

#6 Bro. Josh Dawson ska Supreme InTAILigence Major: Pre-Med 3.3 GPA Accomplishments: Costco Diversity Scholar and Gates Millennium Scholar Extracurriculars: Co-President of Minority Association of Prehealth Students, UW Athletics Sports Medicine Intern, Undergraduate researcher at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center"

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